South Coast Surfboards – 9’1” AR 18 – H2 Flo Tech


Length: 9’1″

Width: 22 1/2″

Thickness: 2 3/4″

Shaper: Ian Chisholm


South Coast say…
“Our longtime belief is that surfboards are about function over fashion. So if you are looking for a responsive high performance Surfboard. Than the AR18 in H2 FLO TECHNOLOGY  is well worth giving a try.
The AR18 is Shaped by Ian Chisholm and developed with Jason Blewitt one of Australia’s finest and evolutionary longboarders.It is the one board you have when you just want to go surf anywhere and in any conditions from 1ft to 8ft.
It is designed with a beautiful slight nose concave foiled out to a mini chime on the rails for ideal noseriding.
This type of concave also allows it to hold to the face in steep pockets.  The refinement gets you to lift out of the water to give you long tip time. The specialty rocker helps you feel like your walking on solid stable ground when walking to the nose.
When you want to go fast and turn on rail, By doing either long powerful turns or tight snaps in the pocket. This board has the refined combination of both rocker, rail thickness and edge through to the tail to make it feel like a responsive shortboard when turning.
The AR18 in H2 FLO TECHNOLOGY is the perfect quintessential board pretty much straight out of a box. Which makes it exactly the same every single time, without question.”

Additional information


Ian Chisholm

Surfboard Lengths

9-10ft, 9'1''