Bennett – 7’0” Falcon


Length: 7’0″

Width: 20 7/8″

Thickness: 2 3/4″

Shaper: Sam Tehan

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We first set out to release a cruisy single fin midlength that was easy going and that would work well in an array of waves from typical Sydney beach breaks to perfect hollow waves. After some vigorous testing of the 7’6, soft rail, single fin prototype we were blown away with the performance capabilities of this design. It worked extremely well in all conditions and all reports from everyone that rode it came back positive.

The next step was to refine and develop the model further. Proto #2 has dropped 2” in length down to a 7’4” and has added side bites for more grip and drive with a hard edge through the tail to allow for extra speed and release.

The outline is clean and simple, A pulled in nose with no excess to allow for speed and reduced swing weight, with a tucked in rounded square tail and some effective bottom contours. A pronounced spiral vee with hard edges through the tail gives plenty of power to this shape allowing for easy yet powerful turns. The perfect all-rounder for any surfer that is frustrated with their shortboard or anyone looking for an alternative to their longboard when the waves get over 3ft.

Available in lengths from 7’0 to 8’0 with a rounded square or pintail.

Demo model available, call us on 9905 5157 to check availability.

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