Bennett – 9’6” The 66


Length: 9’6″

Width: 23″

Thickness: 3″

Shaper: Sam Egan

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An old mal replica based off the boards being shaped by Sam Egan in the mid 60s. Some of the boards coming out of Sam’s factory in that era have been regarded as the best old mals and are often the most sought after in today’s vintage board market. It’s almost impossible to get your hands on one of those original beauties these days so it was only logical for us to have Sam build us some new ones. Handshaped and wrapped in volan cloth, this is a beautiful and functional old mal remake. Square tail, wide hips and a rolled bottom involvement style surfing, radical turns and pocket noserides!

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Sam Egan

Surfboard Lengths

9-10ft, 9'6''