Epic – Pro Grip Mid Wing


Epic is excited to announce the new ProGrip Series Wing paddles. The ProGrip Series offers an all new combination of shafts that allow every paddler to choose the Epic wing paddle that suits their specific grip preference.

The ProGrip Series features a new anodized alloy length lock system with stainless steel parts, optimized to give smooth and precise length and feather adjustments.

The ProGrip Series will use an extremely strong and durable, lightweight, 3K full carbon round shaft, optimized for flex and strength. The series continues to use Epic’s award winning, and multiple championship winning Small Mid Wing and Mid Wing 3k full carbon teardrop shaped blades.

“With the new ProGrip, Epic has combined all of the essential factors in paddle shafts. I’m using the round ProGrip, which has optimal circumference, perfect flexibility and the most comfortable feeling in your hand that you could hope for. Combined with the legendary Mid Wing blade, it is world class.” – Jasper Mocke, Epic Team athlete

The Round ProGrip configuration has round 3K carbon fiber grips, with a diameter of 28.5 mm, which is very similar in size to the Signature Series paddles. This paddle is perfect for paddlers who prefer a round shaft paddle.


  • Shaft: Round 3K carbon fiber with Round 3K carbon fiber grip

  • Round ProGrip Diameter: 28.5 mm

  • Small Mid Wing Weight: 650 g / 23 oz

  • Mid Wing Weight: 680 g / 24 oz

  • Blade: Small Mid Wing 114 sq. in (735 cm2) & Mid Wing 116 sq. In (750 cm2)

  • Length Options: 205-215 cm & 210-220 cm

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