Epic – Green Shaft Full Carbon Mid Wing


The Epic full carbon Mid Wing, is a good all around medium size wing blade for marathon K-1 and distance surf ski racing. It’s also the perfect sprint paddle for women and junior competitors, or those who want to do high performance touring with a wing paddle. Also excellent choice for sprint surf ski paddlers.

  • Medium blade size 50 cm long by 16.4 cm wide
  • Ultra lightweight for the serious paddler!
  • Any length possible, offset angle 60 – 65°
  • Full carbon blade laminate (exclusive to Bennett) epoxy resin heat moulded
  • 12 months warranty on workmanship and materials (under normal usage)
  • Includes Epic Silver cover, or Bennett Soft cover $10.00 (regular price $35.00)
  • Two oval shaped shaft stiffnesses available

The Full Carbon Model is a surf layup exclusively available at Bennett Surfboards only.

Full Carbon paddles (black carbon blades) have the famous Epic aerospace-grade foam core with 100% carbon fibre epoxy that makes for an extremely light weight performance paddle.

The Mid Wing Blade Specification  

The Full Carbon Epic Mid Wing paddle is the best choice for most fitness or racing paddlers. All Mid Wing paddles come standard with Length-Lock™ technology. The Full Carbon Stiff Shaft construction option is most often preferred by sprint racers, while the Full Carbon Medium Flex Shaft construction option is better suited to distance paddler

Blade width: 16.4 cm
Blade length: 50 cm
Surface area: 750 cm2
Weight 709 grams

Fixed length Green Oval Shaft or Burgundy Oval Shaft available, priced at $525.00 including GST  

Length Lok available in two sizes 205-215 cm or 210-220 cm Green Oval Shaft or Burgundy Oval Shaft, priced at $525.00 including GS

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