Braca XI (11) 735

Braca XI (11)

 Available in Xtra Light Blades in six blade sizes 675, 705, 735 ,760, 775, 795 and 815 cm²

 Bráca XI Van Dusen ’92 is the newest addition to the Bráca-Sport paddle line. It was originally designed by Ted Van Dusen in 1992 after three years of development and testing for the US Olympic Canoe Squad.

Beware of imitations, there are plenty!!

The blade has a unique twisted tear-drop shape which facilitates a powerful catch and ultra clean exit. It’s movement through the water is different from other Bráca-Sport blades, therefore it requires a slightly different paddling technique.

The Braca Eleven design now accounts for the bulk of our Male Paddler Orders!! Females are loving the 675!!

Blade Surface Area: 735 cm²

Blade Length: 50.50 cm

Blade Width: 15.70 cm


Carbon Twill, Carbon Painted Fixed Length – $660.00 GST Inclusive

Carbon Twill, Carbon Painted “Oz Lok Clamp”  Adjustable Length –$770.00 GST Inclusive

  • Our exclusive “Oz Lok” clamp / adjustable shaft offers choice of 5 cm and 10 cm Spigot Calibration Braca


  •  Braca Sports Adjustable Shafts Available in 5 cm calibration only, Price on application. (Subject to availability)


  • Name Signage for Paddles e.g., John Smith  – $10.00 included with a new Paddle Purchase.


  •   Slip Stream ‘double layer’ name stickers $20.00 including GST


  • Paddle Cylinders $15.00 including GST

5mm Wall thickness, Available in two lengths:

–  220cm in length, diameter 21cm, will carry up to 5 paddles,

– 130cm in length, diameter 21cm, will carry up to 3 adjustable paddles

  • All prices are ex-Brookvale Factory (including GST)


  • Freight and packing additional costs (quoted upon request)


  •  All paddle prices are subject to change without notice