Braca Micro Evo II 610

Braca Micro Evo II

(Bennett Exclusive Stockist)

Available in 610 and 635 cm²

These paddles are an exact copy of the Bráca I and Bráca IV but with proportionally smaller blade size to better fit the needs and capacity of young athletes and female ski paddlers. A tear drop blade is recommended for athletes under 65 kg for kayak purposes, 40-60 kg Male and Female spec ski paddlers and most highly recommended to female master’s ski paddlers also. Special hollow glass fibres and reduced carbon content allows this paddle to be light yet to retain its overall strength and durability, minimizing impact on body joints and muscles. Blade composition is 50% carbon, 50% fibreglass, perfect for younger + masters female paddlers.

Beware of imitations!!

Blade Surface Area: 610 cm²

Blade Length: 45.00 cm

Blade Width: 14.40 cm


Carbon Twill, Carbon Painted Fixed Length – $460.00 GST Inclusive

Carbon Twill, Carbon Painted “Oz Lok Clamp”  Adjustable Length –$570.00 GST Inclusive

  • Our exclusive “Oz Lok” clamp / adjustable shaft offers choice of 5 cm and 10 cm Spigot Calibration Braca


  •  Braca Sports Adjustable Shafts Available in 5 cm calibration only, Price on application. (Subject to availability)


  • Name Signage for Paddles e.g., John Smith  – $10.00 included with a new Paddle Purchase.


  •   Slip Stream ‘double layer’ name stickers $20.00 including GST


  • Paddle Cylinders $15.00 including GST

5mm Wall thickness, Available in two lengths:

–  220cm in length, diameter 21cm, will carry up to 5 paddles,

– 130cm in length, diameter 21cm, will carry up to 3 adjustable paddles

  • All prices are ex-Brookvale Factory (including GST)


  • Freight and packing additional costs (quoted upon request)


  •  All paddle prices are subject to change without notice



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