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Paddle Information by Greg Bennett.

EFFECTIVE April 2020

Dear Customers/Browsers,

Please find listed below some useful notes compiled by me to assist in taking some of the nowadays confusion out of selecting the correct paddle for yourself, from our comprehensive paddle range.

Yours in Paddling,


Bennett Paddles

Since 1976!!



50% Carbon blade Teardrop profile

Fairly correct in saying my biggest seller for last 5 years or so.

Most popular for female paddlers starting out with paddling/ female masters

Blade surface area 610 and 635sq cm (635 outsells 610 model approx. 40:1 ratio.)

Most popular adjustable length 205 – 210 (5cm calibrated spigot) but 10cm calibrated spigot possible to do.

Any Adjustable length is possible.

Highly suitable for female ski paddlers and iron women, the 610 very popular choice for petite Japanese iron women/ ski paddlers.

This model is our most affordable option, unfortunately not all that well suited to younger male spec. surf ski paddlers as they sometimes tend to crack blades due to increased body strength after 12 months of solid usage etc. (See Braca 4 635 cm extra lite info below).

Cost fixed length from $410.00 ex. Bennett factory

Cost adjustable length from $460.00 ex. Bennett factory


Hi Tech blade layup (as used by Bennett Team paddler Georgia Miller) 2018/2019 season

New model introduced into Australia by Bennett May 2018 with Georgia being chief guinea pig.

Teardrop profile

Fixed length or adjustable length possible

Blade surface area 635sq cm.

Most popular ordered length is 205 -210 (Georgia fixed length 207), but any length possible.

Emerging as a boom seller to young male paddlers due to its superior blade strength over Micro Evo 2 models, Georgia Miller putting it on the lifesaving map these last 18 months.

Blade construction same as in Braca 4 (IV) and Braca 11 (Eleven), which the bigger boys (and sometimes girls) use and highly recommend.

Cost fixed length from $625.00 ex. Bennett factory

Cost adjustable length from $680.00 ex. Bennett Factory


The Original Teardrop Design Blade!!!

2 Blade Layups available: extra lite (most popular.) and “surf ski”

670, 705, 735 sq. cm surface area blade range, larger blade sizes also available.

Teardrop profile, fixed length & adjustable possible.

Traditionally been hugely popular with stronger more experienced female ski paddlers and iron women alike (670), most popular length ordered 206 – 211

705 sq. cm excellent option for young emerging male ski paddlers (as used by Noah Harvard from North Bondi Club), one of the fast-rising stars of spec ski paddling who can hold his own against the best open division male paddlers.

Most popular ordered length 209-214

Excellent choice for male iron men say 75kg body weight or less.

735 sq. cm great option for stronger male paddlers. In particular single ski / ocean ski usage.

Bit easier to use in all conditions than Braca eleven blade design (see below)

Most popular ordered length 209 – 214 adjustable

Cost from $625.00 ex. Bennett Factory (Fixed Length)

Cost from $680.00 ex. Bennett Factory (Adjustable)


Braca 4 blade design illegally copied by many other companies.

Beware of imitations!!!!!!!


Most popular are 705 sq. and 735sq. cm blade surface area formats, larger blade sizes are available. From Mid-August 2020 there will be a 675cm2 Braca Eleven blade model available, which I believe will be hugely popular.

675 (New from August 2020) For a while now, I feel there has been a need for a small/medium size twisted teardrop design blade in the Braca Eleven range. After 4 years of asking the officialdom at Braca Sport, I’ve finally convinced them to begin production of the Braca 11 675 blade!

I firmly believe the Braca 11 675 will be a great paddle to consider for “average upward” experienced paddlers, in particular stronger under 17/19 male paddlers/ironmen as well as stronger more experienced ironwomen in mostly open categories

705 sq. cm used and recommended by iron men and Bennett Team Members Ali Day & Kendrick Louis, as well as current World and National female single ski champion Team Member Alyssa Bull from the Alexandra Headlands club.

Reece from Bos Ocean Sports rates this blade as his all-time favourite paddle FYI.

Twisted teardrop blade design, developed by American Ted Van Dusen way back in 1984 for American flat-water canoeing team.

This blade model picked up by the Braca Sport company circa 2014, who were officially licenced to manufacture and sell the “REAL DEAL” by Ted Van Dusen himself, so please beware of imitations!!

735 sq. cm blade model used and highly recommended by former multiple National and World open ski champion Lachlan Tame (Avoca Beach).

Also used and recommended by current World and National men’s open single ski champion Bennett Team member Riley Fitzsimmons (Avoca), former world ocean racing male champ Corey Hill, as well as evergreen iron man champ Matt Poole. (Corey, Riley and Matt proudly supported by Bennett Paddles)

Braca Eleven blades require a little more finesse in paddling technique to gain full benefit out of the blade.

This blade design engages with the water at beginning of stroke better than the Braca 4 blade design, due to increased blade surface area towards outward end of blade, as compared to the Braca 4 blade design.

All paddlers who have owned or demo’ d paddles trialling my Braca Eleven adjustable length demo models, all come back saying the eleven has the cleanest exit of any paddle they have ever used in their paddling lives.

Cost from $625.00 ex. Bennett factory (Fixed length)

Cost from $680.00 ex. Bennett factory (Adjustable)

Braca Eleven is also highly ripped off all over the world by many suspects!! BEWARE!!!


Plenty to choose from here, ranging from 30% composite carbon / fibreglass, through to 40%, 60% and 100%

Most popular choice for males and females is our 40% painted carbon shaft, exclusive to Bennett Paddles.

My strongest shaft combination was the carbon/Kevlar model.

This has been recently superseded by the carbon/ Innegra model shaft, probably the most durable, impact resistant shaft ever available. Fantastic choice for surf spec surf ski racing.

My painted composite carbon / glass shafts account for the bulk of my paddle orders 75%.

These are the most visible at sea and are a real head turner in club tents at carnivals as well as now being copied by an overseas paddle manufacture. BEWARE!!

Of course, I can do fixed length paddles, not just adjustable in the 5 and 10 cm calibrated spigot range.

Refer our paddle website for more specific information on shafts.


Yours in Paddling,

Greg Bennett (Tank)