This week we have….

18th June 2018  

Special Production

6’10” x  19 1/4”  3 1/8”


Shaped by Steele Lewis

11th June 2018

9’6” Steele Lewis



4th June 2018

9’4” Dougie Bell  67 Model Log


9’4”  x  23”  x  2 7/8”

28th May 2018

9’1” Steele Lewis Performance Shape


21st May 2018

9’1” South Coast AR18 Jason Blewitt Model

This board is tested and developed with Jason Blewitt and is the one you have when you just want to go surf anywhere and in any conditions from 1ft to 8ft.
Want to noseride? It is designed with a beautiful slight nose concave foiled out to a mini chime on the rails. Allowing it hold to the face in steep pockets, also letting lift out of the water to give you great tip time, and it feels like solid ground when walking to the nose.
When you want to go fast and turn
on rail doing either long powerful turns or tight snaps in the pocket this board has the refined combination of rocker, rail thickness and edge through to the tail to make it feel like a shortboard when turning.




14th May 2018

9’6” South Coast Spitfire

9’6” x 23” x 3”


The Spitfire is influenced solely from the late 1960’s transition models being produced on the east coast of Australia. Wide point back of centre with a wide pod, a squash tail and a narrower nose. This model is designed to sit in the pocket on point or reef breaks, such as Malibu, Noosa, Byron Bay & Bells Beach where the face of the wave can be round and it is critical to have a board that doesn’t slip.

7th May 2018

9’4” Phil Myers Log



30th April 2018

9’6” Style Master by Ian Chisolm
9’6” x 23” x 3”

The Stylemaster is the ultimate trim machine, The bottom setup is a subtle roll with a flat rocker from nose to tail. This allows the board to create great speed and trim as well as long nose rides. The Stylemaster model is also a ultimate paddling machine, giving you the ability to catch small mushy type waves. Feel like reminiscing and surfing a surfboard like it was in the 60’s then the Stylemaster is for you.


23rd April 2018

9’4” Beau Young RH Log

9’4”  x  23”  x  2 7/8”

$1645 (Fin $70)

The RH has a rolled bottom for smooth turns and transitions, 50/50 rails that are only slightly knifey for sharper turns (a more rounded 50/50 rail like this keeps the boards momentum and trim), a big 10.5″ fin with Nat Young/Bob Mctavish/ George Greenough inspired flex and rake for projection out of your turns and a beautiful understated tint finish rounds out a gorgeous board

16th April 2018

9’1” Mctavish Fireball Evo II

9’1”  x  22 1/2”  x  2 7/8”

The Tail: between your feet there is a distinct engine zone built with stiff rocker and double concave to deliver speed and drive. Behind the back foot the rocker increases, de-powering the last foot of foam, allowing steep drops without nose-catch, and easy wave catching. The fins are located under the back foot for easy pivot and drive.

The Mid-zone: Two steps forward and the parallel template, flatter rocker, and rail bevels supply clean running lines and comfortable walking stability, delivering clean trimming for every level of surfing skill. Plenty of trim-speed to make fast sections with ease.

The Nose: The Fireballs wide 19″ nose with a nice blended concave supplies fun nose-riding, as well as exceptional steering from the nose. Easy to perfect the two steps to the trim zone, two more to the nose, the Fireballs four-step routine has become the benchmark of longboarding technique for over two decades.

The Fireball EVO 2 is the latest modification in its design, with a touch less nose rocker and added width in the longer versions. Just simple tweaks to keep the Fireball at the front edge of design.

9th April 2018

9’3” Dougie Bell 60th Anniversary Board

9’3” x 22 1/2” x 2 3/4”




2nd April 2018

7’4 Sam Tehan triple stringer

7’4”  x  22”  x  2  7/8”



26th March 2018

9’1” Steele Lewis Designs

9’1”  x  22 1/4”  x  2  5/8”




19th March 2018

9’1” Pioli HP Shaped by Sam Tehan

9’1”  x  22”  x   2 3/4”



12th March 2018 

9’6” Phil Myers Log

9’6”  x  23”  x  3”


9’1” Sam Tehan – Pioli HP

9’1”  x  21 7/8”  x   2 5/8”


Bennett Team Rider Dane Pioli’s weapon of choice!

5th February 

8’6”  Takayama Surftech In The Pink

8’6”  x  22.5”  x  2.95”


The ultimate high-performance noserider! The In The Pink is definitely the most loved and sought after model in Donald’s range. Able to surf anything from one-foot slop to overhead barrels, this board is THE one longboard you can surf in any condition. Ideal for the rider looking to own one perfect longboard, or someone looking to become more accustomed to the nose.


29th January 2018

9’1” Sam Tehan

9’1”  x   21 7/8”  x   2 5/8”



22nd February 2018

9’1” Dougie Bell

9’1”  x  22 1/4”  x   2 3/4”



15th January 2018

9’1” South Cost Surfboards – Blank Cheque

9’1”  x  22  1/2”  x  2  3/4”

Ian Chisholm


The “Blank Cheque” model has been Designed and Developed with Craig Harvey, then shaped and crafted by Ian Chisholm.
“Just like an everyday Blank Cheque this board will open up a world of possibilities. Surf it traditionally and Noseride it in the pocket followed by trim and flow. Then when opportunity arises spice it up with a little float or carve, to link your tip rides together with style”.
“The ‘Blank Cheque’ gives you confidence and options when dealing with oncoming sections or closeouts with speed and flow”~ Craig Harvey.
So go grab The “Blank Cheque” and fill the rest in yourself.


9’4” Spitfire

9’4”  x  23”  x  3”



9’4” Takayama In The Pink

9’4”  x  23  1/16”  x  3  1/16”


Ultimate high performance noserider! This is definitely the most loved and sought after model in Donalds range. Able to surf anything from one foot slop to overhead barrels, the In The Pink is definitely THE one longboard you must own. Perfect for the rider looking to own one longboard, or someone who is looking to become more accustomed to the nose, the In The Pink will have you loving your surfing again.

13th November 2017

7’4” Pioli Mid Length by Sam Tehan

7’4”  x 22”  x   3”



6th November 2017

9’6” Style Master by Ian Chisolm

9’6”  x  23” x  3”



30th October 2017

9’1 Dougie Bell

9’1” x  22 1/2”  x  2  3/4”

64.6 Litre



23rd October 2017

9’4” traditional log, handshaped by Bob Brown

9’4”  x  23”  x  3”

Currently on sale – 20%

Old price: $1575

New price: $1260


16th October 2017

Hot Buttered 8’0” Malibu

8’0”  x  22 3/8”  x  2  3/4” 


The HB Funboard, Malibus and Longboards Models are designed to perform in quick beach breaks that most of us surf day to day. Slightly fuller rails combine with extra rocker throughout so these Cadillacs maneouver quickly off the tail. Slight concave under the nose adds to entry speed and trailer side fins to versatility and holding power on the tip or, under back-foot pivot power.


9th October 2017 

Sam Tehan

9’1”  x  22 1/2”  x  2 5/8” 



2nd October 2017

Billy Tolhurst BT III
9’1” x  2 ” x  2  3/4”




Bob Brown Log – $1580

9’8” x  23 1/2”  x  3”


The 67’ log by Doug Bell- A personal favourite. Ideally surfed in waves up to shoulder high, this board really excels on the nose. Slight vee through the tail allows you transition rail to rail with ease, bringing back some old school flavour!

9’4” x  23″ x  3″



29th August 2017

Tolhurst Log

9’4”  x 23″ x 3″


21st August 2017

9’4” Tolhurst Log



14th August 2017


The HiHp RDS is a slightly wider version of the original HiHp with a little more support in the back half.

For a lot of years Harley’s boards were being tuned to suit really hollow waves and the ASP World Longboard Tour at the time were powerful locations like southern France, Hawaii, Peru, Costa Rica and the Maldives where Harley won his first World Title. More recently we found the need to cater for not so powerful waves also with the longboard tour moving to the weaker wind swells of Italy and China, so we started to rework our planshape curve to be more supportive in average waves.

The rocker, bottom shape, rail style and fin setup have remained the same.



7th August 2017

9’2” Bennett HP Board shaped by Sam Tehan




31st July 2017

Dane Pioli has a new weapon in his quiver with this Sam Tehan shaped board.

Definitely won’t go missing in the line-up with this one!


24th July 2017

9’1 Performance model by Doug Bell, favoured by most of the Bennett team. Featuring a low entry rocker and single- double concave. This board has been designed to surf hard and fast off the tail, and sit tight on the the nose

9’1”  x  22 1/2”  x  2 7/8”




17th July 2017

Nice 7 footer from Sam Tehan shapes

7’0” x  20  5/8” x  2  3/4”



10th July 2017

Sam Tehan shaped Dane Pioli HP Pro Model – $1395

9’1”  x  21  7/8”  x  2  5/8”

Dane Pioli’s signature high performance model. Tested in a range of conditions including the World Longboard Championships in Papua New Guinea

3rd July 2017

9’6” Phil Myers Log – $1465

Pinched rails to sit you tight in the pocket, square tail to keep you stable on the nose. Cedar stringer and finished in a coat of off white, this board has really been made with that ‘old school cool’ feel.

9’6” x 23” x 3”