This week we have…. 18th June 2018   Special Production 6’10” x  19 1/4”  3 1/8” $1195 Shaped by Steele Lewis 11th June 2018 9’6” Steele Lewis $1440   4th June 2018 9’4” Dougie Bell  67 Model Log $1615 9’4”  x  23”  x  2… Read More

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Old Mal Day 2016

We’re celebrating 60 Years of Bennett with Old Mal Day at Brookvale Shop on 11 June. Saturday June 11th 9am – 5pm 180 Harbord Rd Brookvale And after at the 4 Pines Brewery (9-13 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale) Live Music by Beau Young! Come on down. Bennett… Read More

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The old/new Surfing” Safari..

There’s always a better surf up the coast, over the hill or around the next point. So how do we get there? First we check the internet. Obviously some weather guru from “whatever.com” can point us in the right direction. Hop in our state of the auto-art, globally connected, GPS… Read More

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Australians in Hawaii 1962.

Australian surfers were always good at travelling and in 1962 a bunch of blokes all met up on the ship to Hawaii. They hadn’t planned it that way but all had the same idea to travel that year and ship was the best and cheapest way to get there back… Read More

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Our First Women’s Surfing Champion.

Beth Jackman, a quiet, unassuming girl from Freshwater won the first women’s surfing event at the first Australian Surfboard Titles. Held at Avalon 27/28 May 1961, it was a time when women’s participation in most sports was classed more as a novelty than serious competition. Beth… Read More

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