Quality and Experience

At Bennett Surfboards we offer three types of Board constructions

1. Robustlite Range

Our Best seller due to its durability, especially with the Surf Life Saving Clubs is our Robustlite Range of boards.

The Robustlite range of boards are made using a construction method previously developed for the Aerospace industry. This hi tech construction consisting of a complex blend of exotic materials, uses technology and manufacturing systems not widely accessible within Australia which gives the owner / user a much stronger, lighter product, giving improved performance to their happy owners.

Our “Robustlite” range of boards are born out of a pre-tested race winning design, then cloning that same board again. By doing this we can furnish the paddler with a board that is truly going to perform to his / her highest expectations. A better and consistent proven shape, lighter board, more resilient to damage, with less flexing than our previous hand laminated epoxy system.

Structural Durability

Our range of Robustlite boards have been re-engineered and improved on previous composite technology systems to give the paddler maximum performance with minimum fuss over dents, dings and the oh so common epoxy / polystyrene delamination problem which all race board builders have encountered for many a year. To further eliminate the delamination problem we stay one step ahead of our rivals with our unique and exclusive use of Bennett “vent”.

“Robustlite” construction boards, although possessing superior strength and durability levels not seen before in epoxy race boards are still dingable and breakable if subjected to extreme elements of Mother Nature or a collision with rocks or another board etc

How is this superior structural durability achieved?

Our shaped E.P.S. blank is actually the lightest shapeable foam on earth. Since the 1960’s it has been highly further developed for high impact resistance. It is highly resilient to bumps and knocks featuring a “memory” so as it is hit, it soaks up the shock springing back to shape. This tends to minimize pressure dents. A combination of the lighter grade blank, combined with a thicker more durable hi-tech sandwich skin – results being a proven winner! “Goodbye stone age technology”

Our Robustlite construction requires highly sophisticated tooling, precision laminating and resin dispersion. The lamination bonds to the blank by means of heat and pressure. Each board is totally cured before it leaves the production facility. At the centre of the sandwich is a 4mm high tech, high-density PVC sheet foam – a very expensive, heat resistant and impact tolerant material. Once fibreglass is bonded to both sides of the sheet foam and totally wrapped around the softer EPS core, we achieve a tough exterior skin over a lightweight core.

This creates the ultimate race board construction, light, strong and ultra rigid – less flex meaning less resistance through the water resulting in a quicker surfcraft.

Flex Test

The foam sandwich construction of the Robustlite range of boards will only flex minimally with substantial effort. As opposed to the standard fibreglass laminate which tends to flex much easily. The improved structural strength of the Robustlite boards can be credited to the high –density foam.


Squeezing your board can easily simulate the flex test. The Bennett Robustlite range of boards will have minimal, if any flex. This is due to the strength of the foam sandwich. Whereas a Standard Epoxy Board will take the full force of a collision at the point of impact.

Advantages of a fin box

A fin laminated onto a board is more likely to encounter damage if the board is dropped or hits the sand when entering the beach. A fin box helps to eliminate this type of accident from occurring. Please see below for a comparison on the two.

Fin Box

A fin box is set into high density foam
The box is resistant from movement
No chance of water intake
Superior impact distribution
Fin can be removed – helps minimize possible freight damage
Laminated Fixed Fin

Minimal impact resistance
Fin cannot be easily replaced
Cracking develops around the base
Foam deteriorates under fin
Repairs can be inevitable and can be costly
Board can take on water

All boards will have a 12-month guarantee against delamination! – not offered by any of our competition!

2. Soft Race Boards

Our soft race boards are our newest addition to our surf lifesaving range of boards. The soft race boards are based on our very successful series II Robustlite race board shape.

They feature a white slick surlyn bottom and an EVA deck they also feature a water barrier skin (WBS) exclusive to Bennett Surfboards.

– WBS acts as a surface barrier that prevents water, dirt and bacteria from penetrating the interior foam.

– WBS blocks UV light and reduces oxidation from sunlight therefore prolonging the life of the foam.

– The unique WBS surface texture provides sufficient traction without the need for wax.

– WBS provides surface protection from cuts, punctures, scratches and indentations.

– WBS is similar to tempered glass in that it provides structural stability as a rider flexes or torques the board.

3. Custom Race Boards

Our custom range of Surf Life Saving Boards are built using traditional hand laminate and two pack paint system. These boards will be shaped to our current Robustlite designs.

The advantage of going with a custom board is that you can tailor the board to your needs, be it specific shaping requirements or board design. It gives you the added option of being able to choose your base colour and spray design.