Bennett Retro Vintage Skateboards

Bennett_skateboardThese vintage shaped skateboards have been assembled at The Bennett Surfboard Factory at 180 Harbord Road, Brookvale, as were the first original skateboards which were handshaped and developed in the sixties at the Bennett Surfboards Factory, but at its original location of 188 Harbord Road, Brookvale.

The Vintage Skateboard components are all from the 60s & 70’s, which have been sourced from the USA and Australia. The only new piece will be the deck itself. A 910 cm long super flat vintage styled Fijian White Cedar plyboard of very high quality.

The components are:  Metaflex NOS Urethane wheels Dragster , Easy Rider & Hi Speed in colours of Black, Red, Green, Blue & Super Dark Green

Each NOS 1960’s truck base has been hand stamped.  The truck bases used are the same as used on the 1960’s steel wheeled TITAN & SATURN Rocket skateboards by Fairfax Co.of Sterling Illinois.

Two designs will be available a total of 100 Skateboards, of which only 50 have been released so far. Each Skateboard will be stamped with its unique number. The first has been screen printed in 2 colours. The second design to be released at a later date.

Price $395