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Bennett Ironman and Board 2013

I wish to sincerely thank all Freshwater parents and members who contributed to our carnival last Sunday.

We had a very successful day with 457 competitors from 21 clubs in NSW registered.  8 of those clubs were from out of the Northern Beaches area.  Some travelled from the Wollongong area such as Warilla Barrack Point SLSC and Thirroul SLSC.  Others travelled from the North such as Umina, Terrigal and Wamberal.  They all bought a high level of competition and great sportsmanship.

Having these 8 clubs come to our carnival is very important as they bring the wider Surf Life Saving Nipper community together which doesn’t happen very often.

A total of 103 Freshwater nippers took part which was just wonderful to see.  I hope they all had a great day competing, especially those nippers who hadn’t done a carnival before.  The conditions weren’t easy at times and our carnival’s course length is longer than the normal carnival length so I hope they all felt a great sense of self achievement at the end of the day.  It’s all about having fun and giving it a go.  Well done!!!!!

There were many Freshwater parents and members who supported this carnival behind the scenes.  They worked without any fuss and got on with what was required.  They were great team leaders and I thank them all very much for taking on that role with great success.  In no particular order they are:

  • Peter Obern – Carnival Referee
  • Stan Werakso – Deputy Carnival Referee
  • Ian Edgell – Registration
  • Richard Hawtin – Treasury
  • David Grayling – Towel Supplier
  • Erica Cameron – Prize packs sponsors
  • Andrew Casey – Water Safety
  • James Jackson – Beach Set up
  • Anita Rebecchi – Catering
  • Tim Radford – Working Party
  • Petra Morrell, Lisa Broad, Tiff Blaikie – Social Co-ordinators BBQ
  • Karen Hicks, Jenny Bourgeois, Jo Dettmann – Registration Room Co-ordinators
  • Belinda Dobson – First Aid
  • Ed Farrell and James Coates – IRB/Jet ski
  • Sam di Sano, Karen Blakeney and Shona Malm – For your support, advice and time

We were informed and entertained by the wonderful Kurt Hanson as announcer!!!  Kurt certainly had us in touch with what was happening in the water and on the beach.  We were very lucky to have Kurt as he is normally booked up announcing at major professional Ironman and SLSC carnivals around Australia.  Thanks Kurt 🙂

I would like to give a massive thank all to all Freshwater parents, Freshwater members and Freshwater cadets (Freshie Fighters) who put on an orange rashie and got into the water to do the most important jobs of all – Water Safety, IRB and Jet ski.  You did an amazing job looking after the competitors and on a number of occasions rescuing some children.  As I mentioned the conditions were quite challenging at times and there was no room for error or for distraction. Your hard work and focus was evident.  Thank you.

To all the Freshwater and Branch Officials, First Aid Members, Recorders and Marshals.  You had a very long day on the beach and stood on your feet for 7 hours in windy conditions – I’m sure you were exhausted that night.  Thank you for your hard work.

To Club Captain Sharon Johnson, thank you for your support and direction and to Patrol Captain Brian Whealing and his patrol members who were on duty during the morning session of our carnival.  Brian and his patrol helped direct 1,200 walkers from the “Beach Walk For Brain Cancer” group which passed behind our club and onto the beach during the carnival. Brian’s team did a great job and all went perfectly.

Please support our sponsors as they have been so generous towards this carnival.  When times are tough, these companies still managed to find the generosity to donate and we certainly couldn’t have done it without them.

Major Sponsor:

A big thanks to Gayle Taylor in the Freshie office for your help and to Janet and Ken Rickard, our caretakers for their work behind the scenes tidying up after we all had left.

Also to Chad and the team at the kiosk, thanks for all your help with food and drinks.

Listing all these people to thank just shows how many people are involved in running a carnival.  It is a club effort and we do rely on lots of help.  

We really appreciate everyone’s contributions as you can see and I’m sorry if I have missed someone out.

We look forward to another great carnival next year.

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