Robustlite Std Model Small – Pink/Green/Pink Custom Spray Nipper

$1,045.00 $731.50


Robustlite STD model (Round bottom) small nipper
Our Robustlite nipper Boards have the superior strength of the Robustlite Construction, at an extremely affordable price for a brand new board. These boards are made from moulds based on the design of our most popular best performing shaped board.
Size small suits up to 45 kgs
These boards are perfect for Clubs and their members as the added strength reduces the damage and therefore ongoing costs of constant repairs. They perform extremely well through the break and coming back to shore and are also good boards for catching and riding waves.
All boards purchased from Bennett Surfboards comply with Surf Life Saving’s rules and regulations ie all epoxy boards sold have the high vis nose / tail spray applied.

This board is still the same Robustlite construction, having been finished off here in Australia, making it an original, one-off spray design.